Publishing on Compute Studio

There are two ways to publish an app on Compute Studio. Data visualizations are built on top of hosting software like Bokeh or Dash. Models are built on top of ParamTools and are good for archiving results and computational processes that take a long time to run.

The first step when creating an app on C/S is to go to the Publish page. This will put you in touch with the C/S team and they will help you if you have any questions as you are following the publishing guide.

1. Publish a data visualization.

C/S can host Bokeh and Dash visualizations and plans to add more data-viz software like RStudio and Streamlit. Check out the data viz docs to get started.

2. Publish a model.

C/S uses ParamTools to host computational models with complex interfaces or long-running compute times. Checkout the model docs to get started.