Compute Studio uses the ParamTools inputs format for building its GUI. ParamTools also offers functionality for updating parameter values and validating the new values. Check out the ParamTools documentation for more information on how to create your configuration files. Compute Studio requires two typs of inputs: meta parameters and model parameters.

First, what are meta parameters?

Meta parameters control the default parameters. If the value of a parameter depends on the current year, then the user will need to set the current year via a meta parameter before they can view the parameter’s default value and update it.

Meta Parameters

For example, the meta parameters for PSLmodels/Tax-Brain are defined like this:

    "start_year": {
        "title": "Start Year",
        "description": "Year for parameters.",
        "type": "int",
        "value": 2019,
        "validators": {"range": {"min": 2019, "max": 2027}}
    "data_source": {
        "title": "Data Source",
        "description": "Data source can be PUF or CPS",
        "type": "str",
        "value": "PUF",
        "validators": {"choice": {"choices": ["PUF", "CPS"]}}
    "use_full_sample": {
        "title": "Use Full Sample",
        "description": "Use entire data set or a 2% sample.",
        "type": "str",
        "value": true,

Compute Studio uses this information to build a set of controls that dictate which values of the default model parameters are shown:

alt text

Default Parameters

The GUI is built directly from the default parameters. Here’s an example using a subset of the inputs from hdoupe/Matchups:

    "schema": {
        "labels": {
            "use_full_data": {"type": "bool", "validators": {}}
        "additional_parameters": {
            "section_1": {"type": "str", "number_dims": 0},
            "section_2": {"type": "str", "number_dims": 0}
    "start_date": {
        "title": "Start Date",
        "description": "Date to start pulling statcast information",
        "section_1": "Date",
        "section_2": "",
        "notes": "If using the 2018 dataset, only use dates in 2018.",
        "type": "date",
        "value": [
            {"use_full_data": true, "value": "2008-01-01"},
            {"use_full_data": false, "value": "2018-01-01"}
        "validators": {"date_range": {"min": "2008-01-01", "max": "end_date"}}
    "pitcher": {
        "title": "Pitcher Name",
        "description": "Name of pitcher to pull data on",
        "section_1": "Parameters",
        "section_2": "Pitcher",
        "type": "str",
        "value": "Clayton Kershaw",
        "validators": {
            "choice": {
                "choices": ["Clayton Kershaw", "Jacob deGrom", "Justin Verlander"]

Compute Studio builds the model parameter GUI directly from this data:

alt text